Bespoke cakes

Bespoke cakes

Your mother in whipped cream? Your boss on a chipolata? We delight in making personal birthday cakes exactly to your specifications! Verhoog is one of the few bakers who really are happy to meet all of your cake requirements.

If you order a cake in one of our bakeries or from our online store you can indicate exactly how the cake should look. You can specify details such as the colour of the cake, ingredients such as nuts, and whether you want lettering in chocolate or a scan of a photo in frosting.

Naturally you can also choose from a wide range of cake decorations, such as confetti, hearts, balloons, little clowns and even Father Christmases or Easter bunnies. The possibilities really are endless. In other words, when it comes to cakes we can create virtually whatever you want.

If you’re looking for an elaborate children’s birthday cake or cakes as a treat to celebrate a special occasion, we can make cakes with all kinds of themes, such as a Bob the Builder cake, a snazzy Cars cake or a cute Hello Kitty cake. You can see some of the many possibilities in our online store.

If you have questions or ideas, our bakery assistants will be more than happy to help!

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