Loyalty Card

Save points for free Verhoog products or a discount on all your purchases.

Loyalty Card

Save points for free Verhoog products or a discount on all your purchases.

The free Verhoog ‘Cake Points’ loyalty card makes it easy to save points so you can enjoy the delicious products sold in our bakeries for free. You can also redeem the points on your loyalty card for a discount on purchases at any of our four bakeries in The Hague, Leiden and Voorschoten.

With the Verhoog loyalty card you get ten ‘Cake Points’ for every euro you spend in one of our bakeries.* And since 100 points are worth € 0.20, it doesn’t take long to save up for a fresh cream cake or cream-filled butter cookies, which you can then enjoy for free. And, as a loyalty card holder, you also receive extra Cake Points on the various products on offer in our bakeries every week. That way you save points even faster.

You can see how many extra Cake Points you will receive for the sumptuous products on offer in our bakeries. These additional Cake Points are also listed on our website: www.verhoog.com.

Rather than enjoying free products, you can redeem points for a discount, in which case the value of the Cake Points you have saved will be deducted from your purchases in our bakeries. The discount can be applied to any of our products.

You can save Cake Points at any of our bakeries. And it goes without saying that you can also redeem them at any of our bakeries for a delicious fresh bakery product – or a discount.

Our loyalty cards are always issued as a set of three with the same number. So several members of the same family can all have their own loyalty card in order to save points as a family. Needless to say, you can also save points for our delectable apple cake, luxurious fresh cream pastries or elegant butter cake together with friends or colleagues. The Cake Points are automatically added to the loyalty card no matter who makes the purchase.
The number of points saved on your card is always shown at the bottom of your till receipt, so you can always see how much credit you have on your card. The points saved on your card cannot be exchanged for cash.

All of our delicious products can also be ordered from our online store, which opened in April 2010. Simply type in the number of your Verhoog loyalty card and your Cake Points will automatically be added to your card. It is also very easy to check the credit on your card in our online store.

If you apply for a Verhoog loyalty card at one of our bakeries, you will be able to start saving points for the most delicious Verhoog products within the next two weeks.

Download the application form, print it out and fill it in at home. That way you can simply hand it in at one of our bakeries.

Happy saving!

(*This does not apply to products that are on offer.)

Terms and conditions

  • Under the Personal Data Protection Act we are obliged to ensure that your personal data remains confidential. Because your name and address are not noted on the loyalty card, we cannot be held liable for the loss of credit if, for some reason, your loyalty card is no longer in your possession.
  • We ask that you notify us as soon as possible if your card is lost or stolen. We can then block the remaining credit on your card and transfer it to a new loyalty card.
  • You can withdraw from our loyalty card scheme at any time by notifying us to this effect in writing and sending back your loyalty card cut in two. Any remaining points on the loyalty card will then be cancelled and can no longer be redeemed. Your details will be deleted from our system within two weeks of receipt of a request to withdraw from the scheme.

Save points for free Verhoog products or a discount on all your purchases.