Sourdough dates back to the origins of bread baking. The Egyptians discovered sourdough by chance in around 1700 BC: a natural process in which bacteria in the air cause fermentation creates a natural leavening agent.

The Egyptians discovered that if a mixture of wheat flour and water was left to stand it eventually started to ferment. When the fermented dough was baked it turned out to be much lighter and tastier than the bread baked with yeast that people were used to in those days. The sourdough bread also stayed moist for longer.

Why Sourdough bread?

What the Egyptians discovered back in ancient history remains true to this day: sourdough bread is full of taste, it stays moist longer and is a rich source of calcium and iron. It also has the advantage of not needing any preservatives and not containing any cows milk or sugar. This makes it ideal for people with an allergy. But, apart from that, it is quite simply delicious.
That’s why Verhoog bakes the following sourdough breads especially for you:

  • Twister: A delicious alternative to ciabatta or baguette.
  • Meergranen Twister: The multigrain version of the white Twister.
  • Zeus: A spicy artisan bread with dates and figs.
  • Frisselfrats: A bread roll/small loaf made with a healthy mix of grains and seeds. Generously filled with fruit, apple, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Also delicious without anything on it.
  • Bataaf: A delicious light neutral-flavoured bread with soft tasty rye kernels.
  • Natuurzaden: Sourdough multigrain bread with sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds.
  • Grof spelt: Granary wholemeal spelt bread with sunflower seeds, rice and potato flakes. A deliciously dense fresh bread that is also very healthy.
  • Donker Spelt: Wholemeal spelt bread with sunflower seeds, barley and flax seeds. A dark bread, but with a slightly lighter texture than the granary version.
  • Gildegraan: A lighter multigrain bread voted the most delicious bread in France in 2010.
  • Boeren Spelt: A lighter spelt sourdough bread that also contains a small percentage of wheat.

The facts at a glance

  • Sourdough bread does not contain yeast strains so it is ideal for people who need to avoid yeast.
  • Sourdough bread is ideal for people who need to avoid products derived from milk.
  • Sourdough bread does not contain any animal fat.
  • Sourdough bread does not contain any egg or milk protein, lactose (with the exception of our Grof Spelt loaf), colourings or yeast.
  • Sourdough bread contains more vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron.
  • Sourdough bread tastes fresh (not sour) and stays moist longer.
  • Sourdough bread will keep for 6 to 8 days.

Sourdough bread: as natural as it gets!

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