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Grandfather Verhoog opened the first Verhoog bakery and baker’s shop in Treubstraat in Voorschoten in 1924. That was the start of our extremely successful family company. His son Aad Verhoog, who planned to take over the family company in due course, opened his own baker’s shop in Van Beethovenlaan in 1960. His brother opened a baker’s shop in Voorschoten. The two sons were proud to sell the bread baked by their father so the name of the company was changed to Verhoogs Bakkerijen (Verhoog Bakeries). To overcome the fierce competition (there were as many as 15 bakers in Voorschoten at the time) the Verhoogs delivered bread to people’s homes with a delivery tricycle as an additional service.

Verhoog bakery

Aad Verhoog took over his father’s bakery and baker’s shop in 1965. His use of traditional baking methods and the high quality of his bread led the Echte Bakkers bakers guild to invite him to become a member in 1983. The name of the company was then changed to Echte Bakker Verhoog – Verhoog Real Bakers.

Three generations

Aad’s grandson, Christiaan Verhoog, has since taken over the running of the company and has opened another two bakeries – one in Van Hoytemastraat in The Hague in 1994 and one on the Bevrijdingsplein square in Leiden in 2001. The original bakery eventually became too small to cope with the growing volume of production, so in 1994 it was radically altered and extended. It is now one of the most modern bakery factories in the Netherlands. 90% of the products sold in our bakeries are made in our own factory.
At least we opened a shop at the Luifelbaan Wassenaar in 2013.


The many requests from fellow bakers, for whom we produce products such as filled cookies, sausage rolls, doughnuts and apple fritters, testify to the popularity of the bakery products made by Echte Bakker Verhoog. Our highly efficient factory also produces products for fellow bakers in accordance with their own recipes.

Verhoog's facts

By Christiaan

After 90 years of experience we at Echte Bakker Verhoog are still as passionate as ever. Over the years our product range has expanded enormously and our bakeries constantly introduce delicious new breads, pastries and cakes. Our workforce has also expanded considerably. We now employ more than 40 expert personnel (all of whom have to meet high requirements). Every day they work from early in the morning to late in the evening to offer you delicious authentic fresh bread and patisserie products.

1924 Sinces
5 Stores
40 Staff members
511 Products

Did you know that

Everything you need to know about Bakkerij Verhoog Bread.

Did you know that our bread products are inspected on a regular basis?

The quality of our bread products is regularly assessed by the Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum.

Did you know that it is possible to ‘revive’ a soft baguette?

To crisp up a baguette with a soft crust, simply place it in an oven preheated to 180°C for approximately 4 minutes.

Did you know that unsliced bread stays fresh longer than sliced bread?

Not only that, unsliced bread also freezes better than sliced bread. Although this is less practical if you want to be able to get a few slices of bread out of the freezer every day.

Did you know that soup should be eaten with bread?

Bread breaks down the fat. The alternation of a mouthful of soup and a mouthful of bread also makes for a more interesting meal.

Did you know that it is not a good idea to keep bread in the fridge?

Bread dries out when it is kept in the fridge. To keep bread fresh for longer, it is best to keep it in the freezer.

Did you now that it is healthy to eat bread every day?

Children up to the age of 4: 1 – 3 slices of bread a day; Children from 4 to 12: 3 – 5 slices of bread a day; Teenagers and young adults: 5 – 8 slices of bread a day; Adults: 5 – 7 slices of bread a day

Did you know that moist and compact bread stays fresh longer?

The more moist the bread is, the longer it will keep. In other words, rye bread will stay fresh longer than a baguette.

Did you know that bread is one of the main sources of essential nutrients?

Bread is one of the main sources of carbohydrate (starch), dietary fibre, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine.

Did you know that when defrosting bread in a microwave it is best to leave it in the plastic bag?

When defrosting bread in a microwave it is best to leave it in the plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. Bread that has been defrosted in a microwave should not be reheated.

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